About V2

Daneson toothpicks was founded and is owned and operated by Peter Smith.  The name Daneson is a play on the two maternal names in his family - the regal Ca from San Francisco on his fathers side and granma Elsie from Denmark, by way of Wisconsin, on my mothers side.  Both women influenced him and deserved a tip of the hat. 

Daneson is fiercely independent.  Our mantra is: 'It is better to sleep well than it is to eat well.'  And with this in mind we keep it honest: 

  • All of our suppliers, barring Scotch from Islay and corks from Portugal, are either American or Canadian.
  • We're based, weather permitting, out ofGeorgian Bay on Lake Huron in Canada.
  • Daneson is committed to protecting the world in which we live in. For every one tree we use,we plant one hundred treeswith a priority towards non-harvest regions. Give more than you take. It’s that simple.
  • In simple terms, if one acre of forest goes into Daneson then, at the very least, one acre comes out of Daneson in forest preservation.
A toothpick is more than just a toothpick.  With the right recipe a Daneson can bring back memories, relax the mind, complete a meal or distinguish a character.