At Daneson, we sweat the details; purity and process are more than just words. Our toothpicks are made from bone white, American milled, northern white birch and hand-steeped in natural extracts and superior spirits. All our materials come from American and Canadian suppliers, with the exception of our Islay Malt Scotch and our Portuguese corks.

This is why our toothpicks are known the world over at such venerable retailers as colette (Paris), Dean & DeLuca (USA), and Fortnum & Mason (UK) to name a few. If you're a retailer that understands and aligns with our ethos, we'd love to hear from you.


In an effort to give back to the environment from which we take, we've partnered up with Plant-It 2020 on our 1:100 program. In short, we replant 100 trees (with priorities in non-harvest regions) for each one we cut down for our product.

Learn more about our 1:100 program here.

What you need to know

Though we're a Canadian company, we ship domestically in the USA and internationally (barring Canada) from North Bergen, NJ.

The lead time for orders processed on our website span a time of 5-7 business days. 1-2 days are required for processing and another 4-5 days for shipping within the USA. This is subject to change based on order size and shipping address.

If an item is out of stock, we typically replenish it within a month's time. Feel free to get in touch with us should you require a more accurate idea of a restock.

Ideal for gifting, our 4-Packs and 2-Packs are sold in master cartons of 12 units and 24 units, respectively. 24-Cases and 72-Flats allow you to sell by the individual vial and are ideal for getting your clientele started on Daneson.

All our displays are sold at cost to help our retailers merchandise Daneson in the best way possible. They can also be negotiated on for larger orders.

MSRP per product must be adhered to. Any deviation below the MSRP will cause your account to be reviewed unless prior consent has been given.

All orders placed online are paid by Credit Card or PayPal. If you prefer to pay via Wire Transfer or Cheque, please feel free to get in touch with us to arrange that. Net terms can be negotiated based on order size and/or length of time carrying Daneson.